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Home Remedies For Hair Removal

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Unwanted hair, especially on the faces of women have always drawn unwarranted and unwanted attention making them self-conscious and denting their self-confidence.

It becomes a major stumbling block in the personality development and handicap for finding a proper job, good-looking partner.

Although many hair removal methods are already available today and still more and more of them are on the offing, most people ignore the availability of the traditional and age old remedies in and nearby our own home.

These remedies of hair removal using naturally available products, at times yield significant result and the great thing about them is that they are devoid of any side affects and so can be used without any inhibition.

We may include the shaving and plucking of the unwanted hair as a home remedy of hair removal as no chemical or any other external influence is done to achieve it. Apart from them, there are some herbal remedies that can be prepared in your home as follows:

Limejuice and chamomile are very active bleaching agents. They can either be used in isolation or can be combined to achieve the bleaching for hair removal.

After preparing a paste of lime, sugar in water, its mask should be left for 10 to 15 minutes. This would result in the removal of hair.

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Dough kneaded with olive oil should be rubbed on the area where the hair removal is desired. If continued for a prolonged period, at times permanent hair removal can be achieved.

Turmeric is used on the infant children to achieve a hair removal is very effective. A paste of turmeric and milk is prepared and it is applied over the area for hair removal for about 15 minutes. After that, it is washed with water. Hair removal occurs if this practice is continued regularly for around six months.

The same result is also achieved by using the paste of turmeric and besan. This paste when gets dried over the skin, automatically sticks to the hair roots and the hair is removed by gently scrubbing it in circular motions.

It is washed with water after some time. A paste of kasturi turmeric also yields fair amount of hair removal in a short span of time. A mask of honey and limejuice applied along the direction of the hair growth, also yield hair removal.

A sticky paste of egg white mixed with corn flour and sugar is applied on the part for hair removal. It gets hardened afterwards is to be peeled off gently and along with it, strands of hair gets uprooted.

Hair removal though sugaring solution A paste made up of sugar, lemon and honey in 4:2:1 proportion is heated till the mixture becomes homogeneous and then it is allowed to cool. The body part in need of hair removal should be cleaned and the paste is applied evenly over it.

A washcloth is pressed over it and then should be pulled out in such a way that part of the paste would also come out with it. Hair removal occurs as the hairs stuck to the paste are also pulled away.

These are some of the home remedies methods for hair removal.

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