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Laser Hair Removal

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‘Laser hair removal’ is one the methods for hair removal that is fast gaining popularity and acceptance.

Although its cost is a hindrance for many to go for it its efficacy for hair removal is drawing more people to go for it.

What is laser hair removal & how it works?

In this method of hair removal, a small beam of laser rays is allowed to fall on the hair follicle. The laser rays disable the hair follicle and the hair are removed. Since in this case, the melanin is also destroyed the chances of the hair growing again is minimised.

Advantages of laser hair removal

The laser hair removal has been supposed to be a safe technology and have been approved by the FDA. The advantages of this technology are as follows:

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  • Through this technology, hair can be removed from any part of the body including the face. 

  • It works on the upper surface of the skin targeting the melanin. Hence the skin as a whole is not damaged during this process of skin removal. 

  • This method of hair removal is almost non-surgical in the way that no needle is used during the operation. 

  • There is no hindrance to the patient’s daily life after this hair removal method like bathing, working, travelling etc.

  • The food habits of the person can remain the same, barring limiting the intake of food rich in vitamin A like carrots, and some vegetables. Beta-carotene found in vitamin A, increases the possibility of scars and blister. Hence after going for hair removal though this process, this food should be avoided.

  • This method of hair removal is also very cost-effective. Although the cost is high up front, since a permanent or long lasting effect is attained thought this, the cumulative cost compared to waxing and other methods of hair removal is not much.

Risks involved in laser hair removal

Although this form of hair removal is free from any serious hazards, still there are some side effects that are to borne in mind. They can be:

Development of blister on the area – The laser hair removal acts best in white complexioned person with black hair due to the contrast in colour contrast.

 So, in case dark complexioned persons who contain more of the melanin, the hair follicles are not discernible easily, thus making it becomes more difficult to target them. Hence, accidental burns and blisters may occur during this process of hair removal.

Scarring - Since the skin is exposed to the laser rays directly during this type of hair removal, scarring of the skin may result accidentally.

Discolouration of skin – As laser rays are directly applied to the skin, in some cases, there is a discolouration of the skin. The change in colour is generally temporary lasting for few days to few months.

Pain – Although there is no pain during this process of hair removal, reportedly some people get a pinching sensation and minor discomfort.

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