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Laser Hair Removal Versus Waxing

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Many people who want to go for hair removal often get confused while deciding about the best method of it.

While each method has its pros and cons, it is imperative that a deep insight to each of them should be made, in order to reach at a conclusion.

All the methods of hair removal are also case specific, as it depends upon the type of skin and hair of that particular person. That apart, the budget for hair removal and the time available is also a major consideration. Earlier, people used to depend upon the homemade remedies like turmeric.

In the present day scenario, with the advent of progress in research and development, many methods of hair removal have come up. Waxing and laser hair removal are among the most widely used methods used these days.

While both have their efficacy for hair removal in varying degrees, it important to get enlightened about them, to have a comparative study to decide upon their suitability.

What is waxing?

In this method of hair removal, a thin layer of wax either hot or cold is applied evenly on the surface of the skin and left it for some time. The wax will have its effect and loosen the hairs from the skin.

After some time, a moist washcloth is rubbed on the skin in one swift motion. The hair will also come out with cells of the upper skin.

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The hot wax is generally applied for hair removal, when the person has sensitive skin. The effect of it generally lasts for about two months. After that again, the hair removal is to be done.

What is laser hair removal?

In this method of hair removal laser technology, laser ray is used to inactivate the hair follicles. The melanin in the skin is subjected to the laser rays to make it inert, as a result the hair root is killed.

Sine the melanin is destroyed by this process of hair removal, no further hair growth takes place afterwards at least theoretically. But sometimes, the root is not completely disabled by the laser rays. It takes multiple sessions of sittings to get the desired result of hair removal. It also need maintenance on a yearly basis.

A comparative study of the two methods of hair removal

Waxing is widely available, while laser hair removal can only be done at limited centres.

The initial cost is high in case of laser hair removal. But while choosing the programme, it should be decided that how soon your hair grows or the time gap between your waxing sessions.

If the gap is small, the frequency of the need for hair removal through waxing would be more. So, the cost would also increase. Hence, the total cumulative cost over time should be taken into consideration to decide about the cost factor.

Skin type is also a consideration in deciding about these two methods of hair removal. But this should be done in consultation with an expert.

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