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Reasons For Hair Removal

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Hair removal has been in vogue since ancient times almost in the civilisation although during earlier times it must been only through shaving.

Various reasons can be attributed to this age-old practice like socio-cultural, medical, religious etc.

Socio-cultural reasons

Hair, in every culture plays an important role and set norms have existed however loose they may be over their acceptance over the body parts. While they are flaunted in some parts as on the head by the women, its growth on other parts like face have been a source of embarrassment transcending cultures and time.

In some places socio-cultural issues makes it mandatory for hair removal of the head. In India, the widows have to for hair removal on the head and this practice is still in vogue in some rural, remote areas, notwithstanding the efforts of the governments against this.

Many men and some women in the modern day, shave their head taking it as kind of political statement, while some think it to be fashionable. The modern men go for facial hair removal through shaving regularly, as it is thought to be a more presentable a look.

Some find the hair on the face to be irksome. Women regularly go for hair removal, as they want to possess a shining and healthy skin apart from the aesthetic value. Facial hair removal is almost compulsory for them as it is considered masculine and becomes a point of derision.

For this, many techniques of hair removal are used like shaving, waxing, use of depilatory, laser technique etc. Such necessity it has become, that a whole industry is thriving with it now.

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Medical reasons

In ancient time, in some civilisation people were going for hair removal to be guarded against the fleas, parasites etc. With the coming up of surgical medical practices, it became necessary to go for hair removal for hygienic reason although at times it becomes counter-productive.

Patients going for chemotherapy have hair removal done on the head before going for it, as they are lost during the process.

Religious reasons

Hair removal on the head is being done in many religious groups. The Buddhist and Christian monks shave their head religiously. The Brahmins of the Hindus, ceremoniously go for hair removal form a very young age.

In ancient India and Egypt, the priests shaved their head as a mark of respect to their God. The Buddhist monks in Thailand, go for hair removal of their eye brows as well. The Sikhs never go for hair removal due to religious reasons.

Hair removal in military

In almost all the countries, the military is asked to go for hair removal on a mandatory basis as in the harsh condition of battle, they may attract the lice and fleas and it might prove to be a major distraction in warfare.

Hair removal as a punishment

In ancient civilisation hair removal on the head was carried as a way of inflicting punishment. Even in the twentieth century, during world II, it was done.

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