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Secrets Of Hair Removal

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Both men and women try to look good.

The modern days have put much importance on appearance making the people strive for ways and means to work towards achieving it.

While the whole body is the gift of nature and there is very little that can be done about it, efforts can be made to fine-tune many aspects of it.

Hair removal is one of them. Hair, or the excess of it on men and women makes them less presentable. Man has been resorting to hair removal from face through shaving since long and it still continues till day, which is often accompanied by cuts and rashes.

But with the progress of civilisation many new methods of hair removal have cropped up from time to time. The available methods for hair removal are as follows:


This traditional method of hair removal is the by far the most widely practised by all. Although painless and less expensive, it is only a temporary method. After applying soap to the hair, a sharp razor is used to shave the hair at skin level. But unfortunately, it is very temporary.

With a short time, the hair again grows back within less than 24 hours as in the case of men. It also causes cuts and itches.

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In this case, hair removal is achieved by plucking it from its roots through tweezers one by one. Used mostly to get rid of the unwanted strands of hair from the eyebrows, this method is easy and inexpensive. Since hair is plucked from the roots, its takes longer to grow back.

But this type of hair removal method is a very cumbersome process, as each hair is to be plucked one by one and hence it is very painful. Generally, hair removal in small areas is done by this method.


The hair removal is done in this method by simply pulling the hair from it root after waxing. It is inexpensive, and is the most popular methods of hair removal. In this procedure after spreading the wax over the desired part of the body, the hair along with the wax is removed by rubbing a cloth over it quickly.

The wax can either be cold or hot. Since the dead skin is also removed during this process of hair removal, the skin becomes smoother and polished. People having diabetes and varicose vein problem are forbidden to go for this type hair removal as it might lead to infection. The effect generally lasts for 3 to 8 weeks.


In this method of hair removal, a minor electrical shock is given through needle at the root of the hair follicle. But in this method also, each hair follicle is treated one by one and it takes hours if large areas is to be covered, which might warrant multiple sittings.

It also caused discomfort although it is safe to use. People also need to be aware of the high cost of this option of hair removal, but it has a lasting effect.

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