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Better Shaving

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Millions of people choose ordinary shaving as their preferred hair remover method for a number of reasons.

It's relatively inexpensive, there's a short learning curve, it's not usually too messy, and it isn't very time-consuming.

But to have the ideal shaving experience, you'll need to keep a few important points in mind: lubricate your skin, use new razors, use multi-blade razors, shave in the shower, don't share razors, and use after shave skin care products.

Lubricate your skin

Shaving is a hair remover method that slices the unwanted hair at the skin level. It's very easy for skin to be irritated, scraped, or cut by the razor tugging on the skin. If you're going to use this hair remover method, always be sure you use a lubricant.

There are many options depending on your preference: shaving cream, shaving soap, shaving gel, even hair conditioner works well in a pinch. These skin care applications provide a layer of protection between your skin and the razor blade. These products also usually soften the hair, making it easier to shave away.

Use new razors

People who use shaving as a hair remover method should change razors frequently. While you may think that using a razor many times will lessen the chance of nicks and cuts because the blade will become less sharp, actually, the opposite is true.

If you're using shaving as a hair remover method, using a dull razor will increase your chance of cuts and nicks. The dull razor has an uneven blade due to wear and tear. Its uneven surface will drag over the skin instead of moving across it smoothly, damaging and/or irritating skin.

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Shave in the shower

Shaving in the shower is a great option for this hair remover method. It eliminates a lot of clean up. Ladies probably already shave their legs in the shower but men, did you know that shaving the shower works for you too?

The steam from the shower can help soften your skin and facial hair. Simply add a fog-free mirror that affixes to the shower wall and you are all set, ready to shave.

Don't share razors

It's tempting, but sharing razors opens you up to skin irritations and infections. If you use shaving as your hair remover method, keep your razors to yourself.

It's better to go without a shave than risk red and irritated skin. Infection aside, sharing razors increases the normal wear and tear on blades, making them wear out quicker and jacking up your chances of nicks and cuts, and therefore more openings for infection.

This is one exception to sharing that mom would be okay with.

Use after shave products in your hair remover routine

Shaving as a hair remover habit is great, but protect your skin from beginning to end with after shave skin care. Use appropriately formulated skin care lotions or after shave splashes to soothe shaved skin.

Keeping newly shaved skin happy means you'll have better results with your next shave. If you don't, and your skin gets irritated, you won't be able to shave again until the redness goes away and then, so much for hair remover!

With these simple steps, you'll find that shaving is a hair remover method that's easy, economical, and efficient.

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