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Men's Haircut And Hairstyle Terms

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There are many different types of hairstyles in this world for both men and women.

The largest majority of men choose a hairstyle based on the comfort level that they feel within the confines of the hair they have.

Those who are in the public eye will most likely choose their hairstyle based on what others are wearing in that particular time period.

So we have a point where a person would like to come to the area where they have looked for a new kind of hairstyle that is going to make them happier. The largest portion of the world is going to go with what they want as compared to what other people are wearing.

With that in mind lets take a look at the many hairstyles of men and how they appear on people.


The afro is popular with the African American community and was made popular by several well known musicians. Over the years many people have worn this style but it has largely fell out of style. The style is rather large and requires a large amount of care to keep it looking nice. 

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The bald style, where the head is completely shaved is very common in this day and age. Most of the men who wear this particular style have trouble growing hair on parts of their head so this is a counteractive measure.

Many of the big stars have adopted this way of hair and have made it very popular with many people all over the world.

The Bowl

This is a largely unpopular style because it reminds many people of their at home hair cuts they received over the years. The style is accomplished by placing a bowl on the head and then cutting the hair that falls below the bowl.

The style has gained some popularity over the years when several big names decided to start wearing it on day to day times. Over the course of time there have been many adaptations of the style, including the more shaggy look.

The Burr

This is a popular style when it comes to the marines and other service men. It is often times referred to as high and tight. It is made with the hair being nearly shaved around the edges and the top being only slightly longer. Clint Eastwood popularized the style with a military movie he did in the late eighties. 


This style is part of the tight braids against the head genre. While it was at one time a purely African American style, many others have taken to wearing it. Some of the popular socialites enjoy wearing the style while in public. This is one of the more destructive hairstyles because it can lead to traction alopecia.


This is a style that has left the public eye for a while but it is still performed in salons the world over. The layering is part of having the hair lay down along the skull in a proper way. This allows for a cleaner cut and look over all.

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