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Body Hair Remover: Options That Helps You Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

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If you look into the aisles of beauty products in the local health store, you will literally feel a little confused as to which body hair remover you should buy.

There are tons of products that are devoted to body hair remover; these range from shavers, to creams, to cold waxes.

So which body hair remover is actually the best product for you? Well, it is impossible to find out without doing some research on your skin and hair type.

Types of Hair

It would be helpful for you to understand that all hair is composed of substances known as keratin. This is a hard protein also located in your nails and it is responsible for re-growth. But there are also basically two types of hair in your body.

The first type is Vellus which is the short and fine hair located in the face, the chest, and even the back. Vellus is responsible for helping your body achieve a normal body temperature.

Meanwhile, terminal hair is darker, coarser, and longer; this is the type found on the scalp. Terminal hair also grows in the pubic region and the armpit when puberty hits. Men also start to grow terminal hair in other parts of the body such as the chest, the back, and even the legs.

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Terminal hair is typically the hair type that most body hair remover products are focused on because many individuals are annoyed about its appearance.

Getting Rid of Terminal Hair

Shaving this is the most popular technique for removing terminal hair because it is easy and fast. You can remove large amounts of hair with a single stroke but the downside is that the hair will grow back fast and it will even appear coarser.

Razors can either be the disposable type, "semi-disposable" because you need to change the blade, or electronic. Men tend to shave their face while women tend to share their legs, underarms, and bikini line.

Plucking plucking is rarely used as a body hair remover because it is painful and time-consuming. Although it is effective in getting rid of hair in small areas such as the underarms, it is generally not used as a terminal body hair remover.

Depilatories depilatories can either come in the form of liquid or cream. This body hair remover works by dissolving hair follicles so unwanted hair can be eliminated. Although it generally useful for large areas, you cannot expect this body hair remover to completely get rid of all unwanted hairs on your body.

Waxing waxing is a body hair remover treatment that involves using warm wax to embed the hair as wax hardens. Then this wax is pulled opposite the direction of hair growth to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Waxing can be done on any part of the body because it is generally safe to use. If you don't have any experience with this body hair remover though, it might be best to get your first treatment from a professional or at a salon.

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