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Hair Remover Techniques

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The need to remove dark and excess hair has been around since ancient times.

There are surprising archeological findings that reveal the techniques both men and women use to remove unwanted hair.

However, you need not suffer the rudimentary hair remover techniques of the past because there are various hair remover products that are easy to apply today.

Whether you want to get rid of hairs on your armpits, your legs, the bikini line, the face, or any other body part, there are appropriate hair remover products that is suitable for your skin type.

It seems as if both men and women only want to have hair on one part of their body: the scalp. Hair everywhere else is fair game. There is a strong emphasis on smooth skin and excess hair in women is often seen as unattractive.

It is a good thing then that through the years, various hair remover techniques have been introduced.

Now, it is up to you to decide which hair remover you want to try out. Below are some discussions on the topic:

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Bleaching although this is not really a hair remover method, it is nonetheless popular because it makes unwanted hair less visible. It is particularly useful for areas with thin hair because it is easy to mask thinner strands.

Popular body areas that are usually bleached include the face, the neck, and the arms. The bleaching hair remover basically gets rid of the dark pigment on the hair.

Shaving this is probably the easiest and the most popular hair remover method. Although it provides incredibly fast results, its effect is temporary and hair will grow back in two to three days.

Contrary to popular perception, this hair remover technique will not cause the hair shaft to grow thick; short hair simply becomes more visible through shaving because your skin develops a blunt tip when razors glide through it on a regular basis.

Plucking physically putting unwanted hair from the follicle is a relatively common method of hair removal. Plucking will not change anything about your hair; it will continue to have the same color and texture. Also, it provides a longer lead time for hair re-growth compared to shaving.

However, one thing you should be careful of in this hair remover is the risk of developing "chicken skin" if you use it for your armpits.

Waxing this hair remover is highly effective in removing large chucks of hair out of the body. Waxing involves the use of melted wax that is spread throughout the entire area to be waxed.

The unwanted hair will become rooted in the wax and as this substance cools off, the wax hardens making it possible to remove unwanted hair in a single pull.

There are mixed feedback about the benefits of waxing as a hair remover method because some women with low pain tolerance or sensitive skin can't take the pain when their hair is pulled out from the follicle. But there are also some women who won't use any other hair remover techniques but waxing.

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