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The pros and cons of using a depilatory as a hair remover

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Women who are interested in using a hair remover to get rid of unwanted hair have a lot of options.

The pros and cons of each offer such a wealth of choices that it can be very confusing.

One hair remover solution that women would do well to consider seriously is the use of a depilatory. There are some pros and cons to consider, like any hair remover method, but for many women, the advantages well outweigh the disadvantages.

Depilatories are convenient, require no special skills or knowledge, and leave skin smooth and stubble-free.


A depilatory is a hair remover that uses a chemical to break down the unwanted hair so that it can be washed away. Depilatories are usually in a cream or lotion form. They are relatively easy to use, requiring no special skills or training, and as long as they are used in the prescribed manner, quite safe.

There is no risk of bothersome cuts or nicks as with shaving. There is no pain or discomfort as with electrolysis. Using a depilatory as a hair remover leaves no stubble like shaving.

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Women can also go for longer than a day or two before having to use the hair remover again, unlike shaving which needs to be done just about every day to keep skin smooth and hairless.

While the depilatories from even just a few years ago tended to have a heavy chemical smell, today's hair remover products have a far more pleasant scent. Depilatories are also safe for travel; no razors to bring along and worry about packing in your suitcase for checking by airport security officials.


While many women love their depilatories as a hair remover, there are a few cons that make it an undesirable option for some women. Women with sensitive skin may find the active ingredients far too powerful for their skin, leaving them with redness, irritation, or itching.

It's recommended that women always test the hair remover on a small, inconspicuous patch of skin before applying the depilatory to a large section of skin.

There is always a chance that the hair remover can have an irritating effect; to have to perform a test patch before every depilatory application can be more effort that some women would like spend on a hair remover.

Another potential con is that even though today's depilatories have a more pleasant scent than older formulas did, some women may still find the smell very harsh and unpleasant. So you see, a depilatory can be a great hair remover solution.

There are a few pros and cons for a woman to consider before adopting this as a personal hair remover practice, however with careful thought and consideration of all aspects, many women will find that using a depilatory is a good choice for them.

Fans of the depilatory as a hair remover method often appreciate the convenience, the lack of stubble, the lack of nicks and cuts, and the longer period of time between hair remover applications than say, shaving.

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