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Popular Permanent Facial Hair Removal

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Although it might not readily be apparent, a lot of women with facial hair are actually embarrassed about their condition.

They need to cope with unsightly hair right on their faces; this is as opposed to underarm hair or bikini line hairs that are easily covered when you wear a shirt.

For this reason, a lot of women painstakingly cover up any evidence of facial hair everyday and hope that there is a permanent facial hair removal method that will solve their problem for good.

Shaving, tweezing, plucking, and bleaching can get tiring after some time. Even after a woman have integrated hair removal as part of her routine, it is still takes a lot of time away from a person. Permanent facial hair removal will definitely have a lot of advantages if only for these reasons.

So what is a permanent facial hair removal method available today? Well, the only one available seems to be laser treatments.

Laser Treatment: Permanent Facial Hair Removal 

The most popular spots for permanent facial hair removal seem to be the upper lip and the chin. Women are especially conscious of their upper lips because they don't want to look as if they have a moustache.

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There is a reason why permanent facial hair removal is so popular, the procedure takes around 10 minutes sometimes even less but afterwards, you will be well on your way to a smooth and hair free complexion.

Take note though that you will need to undergo multiple permanent facial hair removal treatments to achieve best results.

Most dermatologist estimate around six treatments but it can be less depending on your particular needs. Generally, you will notice a major improvement even after only one session of permanent facial hair removal. Some people are concerned that they might not get the result they want because of their dark skin.

Well, this is where finding the right permanent facial hair removal clinic comes in.

Make sure that the clinic you choose has the most sophisticated equipment, the right staff, and the experience to create a package most suitable for your skin type. It would even be better if you ask the dermatologist to do the permanent facial hair removal for you.

Other Hair Removal Treatments 

Aside from laser permanent facial hair removal treatments though there are also other hair removal treatments you can try out. Some of these permanent facial hair removal methods include depilatory creams and electrolysis.

Depilatory creams the effects of this product are not permanent though it works to dissolve hair from the follicle. The depilatory creams are rarely used to treat facial hair though because it is better for less sensitive areas such as the arms and legs.

The results of this type of treatment can be best described as average and you will need to undergo the same treatment after two weeks.

Electrolysis this permanent facial hair removal procedure makes use of low-level energy to make hair follicles inactive. The results last long but it can be costly, time-consuming, and even painful.

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