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The lost art of the hot towel shave

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Men are so tied to modern hair remover methods like shaving with a disposable razor blade and shaving cream or gel that they're really missing out on the old fashioned hair remover experience of a hot towel shave.

This is the old fashioned way of doing it, one that your parents and grandparents remember.

While progress is usually hailed as a good thing, it just might be possible that the lost art of the hot towel shave leaves all men a little poorer. The hot towel shave is really only done at a real barber shop.

It offers men better results and a closer shave that what they could accomplish at home. And there are so few masculine-oriented luxuries, don't you deserve one for just being a man? I thought so. 

A luxurious hair remover method

To get a hot towel shave is really a luxurious experience for any man looking for a hair remover treatment that is out of the ordinary.

From a comfortable seat to hot towels and luxurious skins lotions and creams to attentive treatment from a hair remover professional in the form of a pro barber, this is a special experience that allows men to be pampered in a masculine way that's also practical.

It's a great way to celebrate an anniversary, raise, wedding (your own or your child's). It's a great gift idea for the special man in your life, too.

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Get better results and closer shave

When a guy goes for a hot towel shave, then he's setting himself up for a hair remover experience that will give him better results and a closer shave than anything he could attain at home.

In this hair remover method, hot towels can prep the skin for a proper shave better than just splashing on hot water in the shower or sink. The barber can also see the area where the hair remover will need to be completed better than you can.

The barber can get a better angle with the razor. The barber can see what sections of the beard have been missed. 

Customized skin treatment

A hot towel shave as a method of hair remover also means you'll be up for a customized skin treatment. The barber will assess your skin and skincare needs and apply the hair remover products that are most appropriate for your skin.

Your hair remover experience should leave your skin feeling better than it has in a long time. Rather than guess what skincare products work best for you, or just go through trial and error until you find what you like, a professional hair remover will know what products work best for your beard and skin type.

So you see, there are a number of reasons why you should at least occasionally consider a hot towel shave as your method of hair remover. It will pamper you and provide you with the best skin care treatments for your skin type and skin tone. It's really a luxury that deserves not to fade away.

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