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Permanent Hair Removal

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Other methods of hair removal can be a daunting task; therefore, permanent hair removal is often an option to avoid experiencing hassles.

Waxing can be painful and a messy procedure of removing unwanted hairs. If you are unwilling to undergo the traditional methods of eliminating unwanted hairs then you can have permanent hair removal as an alternative.

Permanent hair removal can actually kill the hair follicle as well as to put off the hair regeneration. With permanent hair removal you will be free of the task of plucking, shaving and waxing.

Does permanent hair removal really work?

Permanent hair removal methods like electrolysis, aim for the follicles and destroy them when these are at their height of their cycle. Permanent hair removal doesn’t impose that the hair removal can last a lifetime. But, this procedure is good for about a year or more.

At present, electrolysis is the solely clinically proven technique to permanent hair removal. In this permanent hair removal procedure, the clinician introduce hair-thin metal probe carefully to the hair follicle.

The probe encourages electricity to follicle resulting to localized damage as well as averting future growth.

Flash lamps as well as lasers are also efficient as permanent hair removal methods. Laser is known as safe permanent hair removal techniques when employed appropriately.

Laser as permanent hair removal method introduces wavelengths to the skin. These permanent hair removal procedure aim for the dark substances, typically the hair pigment and destroy it without damaging the surrounding tissues.

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There is a little evidence on the period that this procedure will last for it depends on the each patient. According to other sources, the results of such procedure last from 2 months up to a year. Other individuals encounter longer periods of excellent results.

This is best for people with lighter skin as well as darker skin. Other people encounter re-growth after a particular period. The new hair will be lighter in shade and texture.

When you opt for these procedures, you will save yourself from doing the regular repeats of hair removal. Definitely, it will not completely remove the entire body hairs, though you are at a next move to having hairless body. 

Both laser and electrolysis is a good method for removing unwanted hairs. Electrolysis sort of shocks the hair follicle through introducing electricity in it with the use of fine needles.

While in laser treatment, hair follicle is destroyed using laser beams pulsed in seconds of intervals. The 2 primary factors that will help you in finalizing your decisions are the money you will have to spend and the type of hair that will undergo the treatment. 

If your hair is red, blond or gray, electrolysis is a good choice to remove hairs. Though, if the hairs are too light, electrolysis device will have a difficult moment in tracing them.

Electrolysis is best for hairs that are apparent. Eyebrows can also be used in shaping the eyebrows. If your hair is brown or black, then laser treatment would be the best option.

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